Twitter and YouTube

We have created a “microblog” at Twitter for instant updates when we may be unable to update the blog.
Here: (URL Coming Soon)

We’ve also created a YouTube channel for uploading videos from the occupation to.


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  1. Sharon Blass said

    What hypocrisy! Can you people read or do you only watch television? Do you know what is happening in Zimbabwe today? Do you know what is happening in Burma, or North Korea, or Sudan, or hey guys, ever hear of Rwanda?! Ah, but those guys be black (or yellow) so who cares, right? Or maybe, those guys be Muslim supporters, so permit them to kill and maim and rape. Do you read the hospital reports of who was actually killed – Hamas murderers killing Israeli civilians, Hamas children serving as human shields by Hamas terrorists – these terrrorists win your pity!
    Oxford is debasing itself by serving as a mouthpiece for one of the ugliest and most brutal terror groups on earth which kills even its own children to
    make a political point.
    Can’t you people even read?

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