At around 6.30pm GMT we reached a successful agreement with Oxford University officials and ended the occupation. Victory! More info coming soon.



  1. And what exactly was this settlement?

  2. Mark said

    Warmest congratulations and support from UNISON Healthworkers in Oxfordshire.
    The Oxford and District Trades Union Council also agreed tonight to back your position and congratulate you on your victory.

    Coupled with the excellent posit9on from the City Council we have the opportunty to build a strong campaign of workers, students and citizens to support the Palestinians and boycott Israel.

    Mark Ladbrooke
    Secretary UNISON Oxfordshire Health Branch

  3. Rock On! It is this new generation that gives me the greatest hope of peace on earth.

  4. nick said

    Good on you guys! Shows that Direct Action CAN achieve things! Now let’s just make sure the University stick to the agreement – is there somewhere we can keep track of progress?

  5. Raniah said

    Congratulations! It brings me joy to see that students at Oxford are trying to do something about the situation in Gaza. I, too, look forward to hearing what agreemet was reached between the students and Oxford University.

  6. me said

    You guys are awesome! Congratulations guys! It’s great to see brilliant minds getting together to achieve something as noble as this.

    Proud of your effort.

    – From Australia.

  7. anon said

    Good on everyone who took part today.

    However I can’t be alone in feeling that ‘victory’ was announced somewhat prematurely when the demands don’t appear to have been fully met and a continued protest would have sparked much more attention and strengthend the national movement.

  8. Ruth said

    Well Done!!! The world needs more people like you! Remember not to forget this spirit when you leave Uni!

  9. tom said

    Not sure I spotted any occupation by you wooly-headed monkeys when Hamas was shelling Sderot and other Israeli towns – deliberately targeting civilians.
    Not sure I spotted any occupations in response to the situation in the Congo (5M dead) or Darfur (400k dead).
    Is this beacuse (delete as applicable): 1. Dead Jews don’t matter 2. Dead black people don’t matter (Congo) 3. It’s ok for Muslims to engage in wholesale slaughter (Darfur) or 4. You don’t believe that Jews have a right to defend themselves

  10. Dom said

    National demonstration for Gaza. This Saturday in London. Marching from BBC to Downing Street. Meet 11.30am Gloucester Green coach station to get coach down together. Facebook event here

    Stay strong and keep the movement going.

  11. cp said

    *applause* well done. These actions are tremendous, and it is fantastic to see that radicalism has returned to the universities.

  12. Oxford Supporter said

  13. Bizzle said

    Can you post the agreement made on this site? It would be good to explain to everyone what was acheived!
    Well done to all!

  14. Dom said

    National demonstration for Gaza. This Saturday in London. Marching from BBC to Downing Street. Meet 11.30am Gloucester Green coach station to get coach down together.

  15. Abdul said

    In answer to the cretinous tom who posted at 9.26:

    Sudan doesn’t have any meaningful representation in this country and certainly doesnt have it’s blood-soaked head of state lauded by the British establishment. DR Congo hasnt even got a government to speak of and buys no considerable arms from this country. Joseph Kabila would never have (parts of) the British press wetting itself in excitement like they do with Israeli politicians. So your glib utterances about Jews or blacks not mattering are just that: glib.

    What most people object about the massacre in Gaza is the cowardly imprisonment, starvation and humiliation of Palestinians in order to soften them up for the brave IDF slaughter. What serious military needs to shoot fish in a tiny barrel to proclaim victory?

    Anyway, congratulation to the Oxford students who did their bit. Just never forget that although you maybe small in number, you have the sympathy of countless people in Britain and many more abroad.

  16. tom,

    What demands do you think students could make of Oxford University to anything at all about the conflict in the Congo?

    Of course a lot of people involved yesterday have also been on actions and supported events about what’s been happening in Darfur but you don’t care about that, all you want to do is make a sanctimonious argument.

  17. […] was an unusual occupation as it only lasted about seven hours before victory was declared after the university caved in on most of the following […]

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