5907 blog visits in one day

News of the occupation reached across the world as 5907 people visited the blog yesterday, and today’s over 2000 have already also visited. News of our actions also reached the Gaza Strip where we recieved a phone call from a press office during the occupation.



  1. Alex said

    Good to see you’ve got some interest, but I can’t believe that Oxford was somehow much more cooperative than the other universities, in which the occupations are ongoing.

    Please publish the details of the settlement you reached with the university authorities!

    P.S. Don’t take this the wrong way, I think what you did was great, i’d just like to see what “Victory” means.

  2. Tony Ferguson said

    This is a really excellent contribution: the World must see the truth. Once Israel’s actions are set in the historical context- ignoring multiple UN resolutions since 242 in 1967; massacres at Sabra and Chatilla in 1981; ongoing land grab even accelerated by Ariel Sharon since 2000; people will realise the rockets are not the issue, just a flag of convenience for the Israelis to pursue their genoicide in pursuit of their plan for aggrandisement and the “Greater Israel”.
    The protest in London tomorrow must go off peacefully- repeat MUST!! It is essential that the aggression of the Israelis is highlighted in stark contrast to peaceful pro-Palestinian protest. The key thing to focus on are the war crimes so that Olmert, Barak, Livny and Regev (the Goebels of 2009) are brought to account.
    See you in London!

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