National Demonstration in support of Gaza

3rd National Demonstration For Gaza: Saturday 24 January
Israel Out Of Gaza Now: Lift The Blockade

Assemble BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA
(Nearest Tube Oxford Circus)
March To Trafalgar Square

Oxford meet up 11.30am Gloucester Green coach station to get coach down together.

Oxford students have shown they are willing to act for Gaza keep up the momentum and put pressure on our government to act by coming on this march in London.

With over 1100 killed, 350 of them children, and over 5500 injured, the suffering in Gaza is beyond catastrophic. Israel is ignoring the worldwide clamour for it to stop now and is escalating its attacks.

A third national demonstration against Israel’s barbarity and war crimes has been called for Saturday 24 January in London by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Association and many other organisations.

The demonstration will assemble at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, as a response to the BBC’s largely one-sided coverage of the Gaza massacre, allowing Israeli spokespeople endless opportunities to propagate lies and deception without challenge.

We will march from the BBC to Trafalgar Square. Further details, including timings and route, will be available shortly.

Stop the War calls on all its local groups and supporters to start building now for what we need to make an even bigger demonstration than the 100,000 who protested on 10 January.

Israel must be made to stop its carnage and we must show our solidarity with the people of Gaza suffering unimaginable atrocities.



  1. Warnier Bertrand said


  2. Jeff Cannes said

    Jan 23, you write: “Israel is ignoring the worldwide clamour for it to stop now and is escalating its attacks”

    Beg your pardon? On Jan 23, Israel had already stopped its attacks in Gaza.

    In any event, how much sympathy can you actually have for militants and killers who send 24 hours a day thinking about destroying Israel? They hide amoung civilians and cause their compatriots’ deaths. March if you like. Just keep in mind that, if you tried to march for any cause whatsoever in Gaza (other than the cause of destroying Israel), you’d be killed.

  3. Benjamin Davis said

    I see no comment with regards to the 8800 rockets terrorist organisation Hamas have launched on innocent civilians in Southern Israel, nor do I see any comment regarding the use of human shields by Hamas in warfare, nor any condemnation of Hamas’s bloody coup of Gaza where hundreds of Fatah supporters have been taken prisoner or killed.

    Your hypocrisy surprises me. Please also add to your list of demands some sort of condemnation regarding the 16300 people killed in Sri Lanka in the last 3 years (the majority of people killed by the Sri Lankan army as a result of the civil war with the Tamil tigers in the north-east). Over 50000 people have been killed since the conflict began, and yet I have never seen any protest about this.

    Peace for Israel and the people of Gaza; that is the message you should be sending out. Had Hamas not launched any rockets, no poor innocent Palestinian women and children would have died.

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