Oxford occupation ends in victory


Students at the University of Oxford have ended their successful occupation of the historic Clarendon building at the Bodleian, Britain’s largest university library, in solidarity with the occupied Palestinian people in Gaza. The building was taken over by nearly 100 students, backed by dozens of supporters amongst the university community and numerous Oxford-based civil society organisations. This action was part of a large wave of student occupations launched across the UK. Similar victories have already been achieved in SOAS and LSE.

The occupation began at 12 noon and ended at 7pm on Thursday January 22, following negotiations with the Proctors of the University. Full details will be publicly released next week.

Juliette Harkin states: “we consider this to be a major step in promoting justice for Palestine within the British academic community.” According to Omar Al Shehabi, a student at Pembroke College, “this is a truly great achievement. The war crimes of the Israeli apartheid regime in Gaza must be confronted by international civil society.”

Honor Brabazon, a student at University College, notes that “this wave of actions, including our victorious occupation in Oxford, will contribute to raising awareness and mobilisation in solidarity with Palestine.”

Mohammad Madi of Trinity College emphasises that “this is a victory for human rights activism in Oxford and it is an expression of the British academic community’s solidarity with the besieged and occupied Palestinian people of Gaza. We have received a remarkable response from academics and students in Oxford and beyond.”

James Norrie, a student at Wadham College, comments: “we salute fellow students who have conducted occupations in other universities including SOAS, LSE, King’s, Sussex, Manchester Metropolitan, Birmingham, Leeds, Essex, and Warwick. Their actions demonstrate that students can play a pivotal role in promoting universal principles and in supporting the occupied people of Palestine. We would hope that similar actions would be undertaken in universities worldwide.”

Juliette Harkin +44 (0) 774081-8376 juliette.harkin@sant.ox.ac.uk
Omar Al Shehabi +44 (0) 796657-0155 omar.alshehabi@pmb.ox.ac.uk

Note to Editors:
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  1. Alex said

    Dammit, I know I’m a pedant, but a press release should be punctuated correctly.

    Students’ substantive demands, not student’s substantive demands.

    Still, good stuff, and roll out that agreement asap!

  2. Charlie said

    Alex: I’d drop the substantive too if it were me 😉

    Students: Nice one. I really hope that the authorities stick to your agreement. In my experience they are apt to change their minds if you don’t get it in writing. Anyhow congrats to all involved. Makes me proud to be from oxford,

  3. farfahinne said

    extremely wonderful action!
    u inspired thousands of students around the world!
    keep the activism up
    and viva the resistance of the Palestinian poeple!

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  5. Lister said

    Well done!

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