BBC refuses to air Gaza humanitarian appeal


The BBC has refused to aid a Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for aid for Gaza, due to what Director General Mark Thompson claims are ‘impartiality’ issues.

Their decision has faced condemnation from the government, and Channel 4, Five and ITV have now decided to broadcast the appeal, despite earlier reluctance.

Please complain to the follow people at the BBC:

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC news

Peter Horrocks, Head of BBC TV News

Richard Sambrook, Director of the World Service and Global News

General complaints to the BBC can be submitted via this form

You can donate to the DEC Gaza appeal here



  1. Adam Lavedan said

    As a conscientious human being, I am appalled and shocked at the BBC’s refusal to air a Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza. The ‘impartiality’ issues that the BBC are pusillanimously hiding behind only exposes a deplorable indifference of the BBC to the egregious and deplorable war crimes that have been brutally unleashed on the people of Gaza. As you well know, they are indeed war crimes according to the UN alone. To refuse to air the aforementioned humanitarian appeal behind the pretext of “impartiality issues’ is not only a grotesque evasion that shames the BBC as a reliable and decent news source, but shows just how chilling the BBC’s indifference really is towards war crimes and the slaughter of over a thousand civilians.

    It seems it must be reiterated that the appeal is for humanitarian aid. (Emphasis on the word human.) This is not about helping the people of Gaza for being Gazan-Palestinians in and of themselves. It’s about supporting the upholding and honouring of basic human rights that have been savagely violated to an unthinkable level.

    By proceeding to air the appeal for humanitarian aid, would be a valid assertion of the BBC’s commitment to truth, justice and to ethically plausible and decent journalism.


    – Adam L.

  2. Media Guy said

  3. Syed Hasan Abbas said

    When i read this breaking news on CNN that BBC has refused to broadcast the humanitarian appeal for the people of Gaza, i was shocked! It was ‘unbelievable’ news for me (at least) to accept the BBC’s refusal! For me, it came out of no way. This is because, living in an Asian country, one could easily observe the partiality of the US based News Channels comparing to BBC during the 22 day Israeli war against the poor Palestinians! I could never have imagined that BBC’s administration is actually that much biased and does not regard Palestinians as humans at all!

    I heard the ‘logical’ reasoning of BBC’s Chief Operating Officer, she said BBC has 2 concerns:
    1) Concerns over Gaza Aid that would that really reach the deserving one?
    My Ans: Why cant BBC just show the links of UN organizations working in Palestine or at least show the contact info of the DEC working under British Premier IFF BBC believes that UN or British PM is trustworthy…. :O
    2) BBC has to trade off its impartiality!
    My Ans: Does BBC have to appeal for the Palestine government/ Hamas or Palestinians ? Does BBC have to appeal for the mankind or the state? ‘Impartiality’ applies if BBC has to appeal for the Palestine state/government but its something related to humans!
    Try admitting the fact that Palestinians are HUMANS!!!!

    SHAME ON YOU, BBC’s administration!!!!

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